Lee Jong Suk and you will Park Search engine optimization Joon response to staying in a relationship with a keen idol:

forty five. Lee Seung Gi terpilih sebagai calon suami terbaik #step one. Staf acara pergi ke pusat informasi pernikahan untuk melihat ke statistik untuk menentukan peringkat aktor tersebut. Setelah menambahkan faktor-faktor seperti pendidikannya, kekayaan, dan rumah tangga, ia mendapat skor tinggi, 95! Dibawah Lee Seung Gi, ada juga penyanyi Jang Gi Ha, G-Dragon, dan aktor Lee Jong Suk.

Lee Jong Suk and you may Park Search engine optimization Joon reaction to the s/o becoming cooler on the exterior however, smooth on the inside:

(In conjunction with Lee Jong Suk response to the s/o getting in touch with him or her datingranking.net/pl/senior-friend-finder-recenzja/ “my personal cardio” because the her animals term for your)

In the beginning, it frustrated Jong Suk to read comments about you never smiling and having a face of stone. He never understood how people could judge that quickly without knowing the real you. Yes, you were not to most expressive person in public but away from the attention you were all smiles and sunshine. You pet name for him “my heart”, which he love -he’s a fool to possess cheesy things-, was the proof of that. You were really the softest person he knew, caring for every living thing in the world no matter how small or insignificant. Over the years of dating you, he learned to let it go as you did not care about it either. Still, from time to time he would tease you a bit: “You should smile more, jagi. They never believe me when I say that you have the most beautiful smile I ever seen.”

Shortly once you and you will Seo Joon revealed your own relationship, hate comments visited flood in the way you always search discontent together his side otherwise never showed much need for something supposed towards the surrounding you. Although many of their fans stood upwards for your requirements, netizens had been short to mention your ‘the new frost king or take all possibility it reached show your since stone cold. Seo Joon realized ideal: you had been particularly a loving and kind-hearted people, actually ending him off suing the new destructive commenters. One day, almost everything got an excessive amount of and also you broke down crying. Seo Joon, privately relieved that you are currently sincere about how exactly much it harm your, perform accept your in his good hands. “How come you continue to lookup therefore gorgeous even although you cry?” He would let you know, silently guaranteeing your one everything you was okay.

Even more you could such as

You used to be always most vocal regarding your best method of, Lee Jong Suk. So, as he finally starred in your solo MV you could perhaps not feel delighted. The latest filming months was basically intense, but also the start of the some thing breathtaking. Initially, the both of you was basically too scared so you’re able to recognize how you feel per most other until you chose to record your own genuine attitude for your for the a tune. It turned a quick struck, leading most people to speculate which the fresh new song was regarding the. Whenever Jong Suk in the long run realized the brand new tune involved your, the guy plus realised just how he really considered about yourself, and make your declare the same night. As your matchmaking became highly over the days, you wanted in the future clean on fans far to your dismay of your team also threating your which have infraction off bargain. Nevertheless forced thanks to and you can revealed your own matchmaking anyway. The exact same big date, Jong Suk grabbed your on a night out together, pleased for such as for example an effective companion.

Everyone in the fandom know you used to be a massive enthusiast out-of Seo Joon while the his start. The little interaction between both you and brand new actor for the Mnet Sounds Prizes, which he demonstrated, did not wade undetected. What most some one failed to learn, try the reality that one quick, unexpected fulfilling turned a lot more planned, magic times within the next months. If the classification returned with an intimate song written by your since the a key confessing in order to him, your a couple turned into certified. Or at least to own friends. It got three a whole lot more weeks till the news and you may admirers caught up, and make your own relationship ‘cracking information. You used to be the first to ever prove the headlines with an excellent heartfelt page and you can photo of you a couple of. While you are the purposes was basically a beneficial, you will find an unavoidable backlash resulting in Seo Joon to stand right up for you plus like and therefore contributed to the brand new moniker off ‘electricity partners giving to you personally by fans.

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