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South Korean actor Lee Jae Yoon recently starred into the drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo. Picture: Puma

Anybody who watches K-dramas will keep in mind Lee Jae Yoon once the type, mild physician in 2016’s Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo. Also you would certainly stop to notice him if you don’t.

At 1.86m tall sports dating website, in accordance with a chiselled jaw, bulging biceps, along with ripped abs, this hunk, who had been right here for the Puma evening Run, cuts a superb figure.

Lee Jae Yoon was at Singapore for the Puma Run night. Picture: Puma

To top it well, he’s the sort that is hopelessly romantic want our lovers become. Simply glance at their replies to the concerns. *Swoons* (And yes, he talks English!)

What’s your fitness routine like?

I really do Brazilian Jiu-jitsu 2 or 3 times per week, as well as for four hours each and every time. We additionally like swimming. Recently, we began strength training in the fitness center, and working on my hands, upper body, straight back and arms. It is quite fun.

Along with your diet?

I love checking out stuff that is new. Once I go other nations, I’d order five or six various meals to decide to try. In Singapore, I experienced laksa and Hokkien mee. I adore spicy Korean food. And chocolate, too.

Had been you ever unfit or chubby?

Never. I’ve constantly been sporty since young. My father’s my inspiration that is biggest. He’s really athletic and I did so large amount of fighting styles. He holds a black colored gear in taekwondo and did fu that is kung. He had been a big fan of Bruce Lee, I was a kid so we had posters of Bruce Lee everywhere at home when. I happened to be motivated to end up like Bruce Lee, an Asian man who represented toughness that is asian. After viewing their movies, i got myself two dumbbells to obtain fit!

What’s your favourite human body component?

Laughs My hands. They’re useful and long for getting material, such as for instance a monkey. I like that i will select meals through the dining table easily.

What’s on your own physical physical fitness bucket list?

I would like to decide to try brand brand new activities, like boxing, and arts that are martial. Recently I began surfing that is learning Bali. Looking at the surfboard within the ocean and viewing the sunset can be so stunning.

(Because Lee Jae Yoon is really so fit, we chose to perform a plank meeting with him! View him respond to more concerns when you look at the video below.)

What’s your concept of a intimate date?

Swimming together when you look at the ocean, diving together… stuff like that.

Describe your self in five words.

Fit. Kind. Funny. Happy. Active.

What’s the sweetest thing you’ve done for a female?

I’m constantly sweet.

What’s your very first impression of females in Singapore?

They’re really type, courteous, and gorgeous.

exactly What could you tell your Singapore fans?

Hello. Many thanks for all your love. I might want to return once more.

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